"Going to Italy together was a dream come true for my friend and I and we chose the perfect experience with Viola in Maremma. We were submerged into Viola’s Italian life with daily activities that we would not have had access to on our own. We loved the private wine tasting, dinners, cooking classes and other excursions while still having time to lounge poolside. Viola’s sister, an art restorer, shared her knowledge as we visited villages adding so much to the trip. I can’t wait to go again!"
Barbie Aknin, Community Cuisine

"Many claim to know about Italian food, but Viola has actually lived it. When speaking about holiday traditions or traditional foods or recipes, not only does she call on her childhood experiences in Italy, she also does extensive research to expand her knowledge and enlighten her students. I have learned so much from Viola and I'm excited to learn much more"
Tori Ritchie - cookbook author

"Fascinating and engaging. Rather than simply giving a rundown of the "greatest hits" of Italian cuisine, Viola Buitoni led us in a chat about the social, economic and geographic realities behind the traditions, bringing the culture alive."
Massimo Chisessi - Italian Heritage Foundation, San José

"I like many things about Viola's classes, the friendly and fun atmosphere, the interesting people who are drawn to her classes, the great recipes and techniques, but mostly I love how deeply Viola knows what she teaches; the depth and breadth Italian cooking, its heart and soul, the culture and family of Italian life and the place of food within that culture. I always come home inspired and recharged, and wanting to cook something new and amazing that I learned that day for my family!
As an American I know a little about so many cultures and cuisines, with Viola I get to have the experience of what it is like to know and be immersed in one fabulous cuisine, perhaps the best of all, the Italian table. We are lucky to have her in San Francisco".
Jennifer - student

"Viola, I love cooking with you in the Consulate's bright yellow kitchen. You are the Italian aunt I never had. It is not just about recipes and helpful hints. It's about honoring traditional food, food that continues to nourishes body and soul."
Frances - student

"Viola's engaging classes are great opportunities to enhance your cooking techniques. She teaches Italian cooking as it should be taught; within the context of it's region, it's culture and history. You' ll be busy, but there's time to ask questions. By the time we sit down to enjoy what we've made, you're sure to be in touch with your inner Italian". 
Nancy - student

"Cooking classes can often be intimidating (when you are expected to know special techniques or skills) or boring (when the teacher does all the work and you just stare hungrily).Viola's cooking classes are neither, which is why I always sign up for more! 
You get hands on experience, with properly and patiently explained directions from Viola. With her sharp sense of humor and friendly attitude, her classes feel like you are in the kitchen with friends, but with the end result being a guaranteed delicious meal you'll know how to make on your own. I enjoy taking Viola's classes because not only are you taught how to make wonderful authentic Italian dishes, but you also learn a bit of the history and folklore behind the dish. Her cooking style is a mixture of old-world Italian approaches coupled with the conveniences of today. You will understand this notion better when you see her whip out her family's antique wooden pepper mill to grind pepper! As a fellow Italian, I have extremely high standards for my Italian cuisine. Viola's cooking and classes always exceed all my standards!"
Marina - student